Sneezing Waves From The Peppered Oceans (Out 4th December)

by Sindre Bjerga & Tanto


Skewed and slurred vocal sounds grumble and croak as you are eased into the peppered ocean, not quite live, but not quite sampled. As you drift along its capsicum currents sounds emerge from the depths – tape sounds swoosh between electronic scree and half discernible samples and snippets of field recordings provide navigation points amid the waves. Occasionally, a snippet of conversation emerges, alongside the mechanical sound of unfamiliar craft as they shift around you. As you float through the soundscape you are slowly desiccated before being deposited back onto familiarity with a thud.

Sindre Bjerga and Tanto have created a sparse but vastly expansive soundscape with Sneezing Waves..., constructing a field recording of an imagined space. Sounds loom and recede around the listener as they are transported, never stationary but never hurried through the two long-form tracks.


releases December 4, 2020

Performed, Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sindre Bjerga & Tanto



Panurus Productions Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Unpopular music on tape.

Newcastle based label releasing odd music in nice packaging.

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