Poisoned Healing (Out 4th June)

by Zebularin


“Poisoned Healing“, marks an approach to downsizing and obscuring the Stuttgart collective´s complex instrumental palette and musical enthusiasm, without disrupting Zebularin´s unpredictable electroacoustic sound. The main task for this release was about actually minimizing the overall tone and keeping the intrinsic dynamics of the compositions at the same time. This notion translated into outsourcing a huge part of the previous musical ingredients and colours (i.e. woodwinds, horns, most of the keyboard and string instruments) as well as abandoning a majority of the more obvious song elements. Furthermore, a significant portion of the initial audio tracks was actually omitted during the production process in favour of seemingly amorphous sonic sculptures and odd fogs of audio material. The startling results range from a bleak and hypnotic church service (“Binnenchor“), simmering post-industrial drone (“ Ferme“) to knotty ambient textures gone awry (“Gemmigumma“).

“Poisoned Healing“ solely features the core duo of Daniel Vujanic and Daniel Kartmann pushing their signature sound into a moodier and more anticlimactic direction where ethereal dissonances, grainy non-musical textures and brittle rhythms melt into a peculiar album of otherness, contemplating the permanent toxic background noise of the world today.


releases June 4, 2021

All music performed and arranged by Zebularin.
Composed by DanielVujanic.
Recorded by Daniel Vujanic @ Atelier Ka-Ha, Bubenbad and Electric Park in Stuttgart in 2020.
Mixed and edited @ Electric Park by Daniel Vujanic.
Artwork by Daniel Vujanic.
Zebularin typography by Felix Neumann.
Layout and design by James Watts.

Zebularin is:
Daniel Kartmann: drumkit, percussion, vibraphone
Daniel Vujanic: electric guitars, electronics, synthesizers, pocket trumpet, piano, glockenspiel, percussion, field recordings & audio manipulation



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