Centuries Of August (Out December 4th)

by Petrine Cross


A screaming elegy for lost moments and isolation. Crackling with distortion, Petrine Cross delivers five tracks of searing melancholy centred around the passage and loss of, time. 

Buzzing guitar whips over mechanical drums as relentless as the passage of time itself, whilst desperate shrieks cry in anguish. Layers of synths provide a brief respite, moments of calm before erupting into catharsis. 

Centuries Of August was composed using automatic methods and lyrics that have been purposefully forgotten, existing in a fugue state that references the conditions and causes of its creation. Helpless to evade the march of time, and unable to make proper use of what moments there are, all we can do is howl in defiance.


releases December 4, 2020

Performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Petrine Cross.




Panurus Productions Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Unpopular music on tape.

Newcastle based label releasing odd music in nice packaging.

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